What Experts Predict for Ethereum in 2021

Ethereum in 2021

Let’s discuss the most popular Ethereum price predictions. Ethereum remains the silver medalist in the cryptocurrency race at the beginning of 2021. Altcoin is an attractive asset for investment, constantly gaining momentum. At the time of this writing, the price of Ethereum is $2500, and many experts believe that this is far from the limit. But predictions are different – some believe that ETH will copy trends set by bitcoin, others say that Ether can become an independent currency and potentially soar even higher than BTC.

Ethereum exchange rate predictions for 2021

Against the background of increased interest in cryptocurrencies, which marked the second half of last year, market participants expected a massive increase in the prices of many coins in the new year. Ethereum, in particular, was expected to renew its historical maximum, and the cryptocurrency did not fail. At the beginning of January this year, ETH was trading at $740 per unit (according to CoinMarketCap), but in the twentieth, it doubled in price – at its peak, the altcoin was trading at $1456.

According to preliminary forecasts, the prospect for the coming year looks very optimistic for the ether. A well-known Twitter-channel promises that after the spring surge to $4100, a natural price decline will occur, but by November 2021, the cryptocurrency will again update its historic high. The expert’s opinion is based on the analysis of the prospects that the completion of the first phase of the update 2.0 opens before the project. The cryptocurrency community is confident that ETH will reach a new level of adaptation this year.

Another well-known trading expert under the pseudonym TraderLenny predicts Ethereum to have one of the best growth results during the year. In his opinion, the already registered new price high will be renewed this fall, and the positive dynamics of Ethereum exchange rate will remain and will not suffer from big drops.

According to the analysts’ boldest forecasts, Ethereum will even be able to surpass the sole capitalization leader, BTC, in terms of growth potential. At the same time, they do not rule out a correlation between the two currencies, from which it follows that the positive development of bitcoin will serve as a stimulus for the growth of the price of Ether. Chris Berniske of the board of directors at venture capital firm Placeholder predicts more than a tenfold rise in the past peak price of ETH if the current trend continues.

2021 will be an important and possibly pivotal year for Ethereum. Already in the first month, the cryptocurrency updated its historical maximum, and in the spring it surpassed all expectations and is not going to stop there yet. If during the year, the project developers can implement everything that was promised earlier in the roadmap, a positive trend of long-term growth is guaranteed. According to the forecasts of cryptoanalysts by 2025 ETH will cost about 10000 thousand dollars. Agree, quite a good scenario for an altcoin that went from 25 cents to 4000 USD in just three years. Apparently, this is not the limit, and the currency has great potential.

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