What are the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges?


Everyone usually associates exchanges with profit. Many people think that they are created for the elite: only if you are a businessman or have millions you can trade and earn money on the exchange. However, anyone can make money from trading; it does not depend on age, gender, profession or salary. The largest cryptocurrency exchanges allow anyone to make good money, and you do not need large savings to do this. So what are the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges?

It should be noted that when you enter a cryptocurrency exchange, you have to send your funds to a third party. After all, at this time, decentralized exchanges have only just begun to work. The future is there, because large cryptocurrency exchanges guarantee the trader absolute control over his own money. But while the usual centralized trading exchanges are popular, the choice of a cryptocurrency resource should be approached with particular care. 

Studying the reliability and stability indicators, it can be concluded that not all large and popular exchanges really give their clients the opportunity to earn well. Convenience of deposit and withdrawal of funds, making real profit are among the most important aspects, which users are guided by.


A relative newcomer to the crypto markets. It appeared in 2017, but quickly gained strong positions and went to the top of many rankings. Users appreciate the low trading fees, combined with the high speed of transactions. Recently, the media had published information in which the founder of Binance expressed confidence that the exchange will operate solely on legal grounds and will conduct fair mutual settlements. 


This exchange deservedly made it into the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges of 2021. This is quite a famous platform-giant, which has a lot of good feedback from users from different countries. To see the history of the development of this exchange, you can visit its official resource. The commission for users will be 0.2% and is reduced as the turnover of trade increases. In terms of daily trading volume, this exchange is in second place. It is developed only in English and Japanese. However, this does not prevent the users from other countries to participate in trading on the exchange. 


This is a cryptocurrency trading platform with simple interface, that allows beginners to promptly start trading. Initially, this exchange only sold and bought Bitcoin, but not so long ago it became possible to trade the cryptocurrency Ripple. The commission per action is 0.5%, which is much higher than the above described platforms.

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